Our Story

Sower Care is an initiative of CAC (Bethel) UK who have carried out several missionary projects across various countries. During a visit to the village of Selela, located in the Arusha region of northern Tanzania, the Minister in charge, Fadeke Omideyi and her team quickly became aware of the needs of this deeply rural, under resourced and very primitive part of the country. This part of the country is characterised by the ancient Maasai tribe, who are historically known as warriors and their culture revolves around their cattle.

Our finance

Every penny Sower Care receives goes towards our projects. We do not currently have high running costs and we use the existing structures of CAC (Bethel) UK for our office  and resources base. Majority of our funds will be raised from organisations and businesses, as well as public/individual donations and corporate partners. Their funding will help Sower Care stay innovative in designing new projects to improve lives.


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“Tanzanian law and international treaties that Tanzania has ratified, everyone under 18 has a right to education”. Despite this, hundreds of thousand of children in Tanzania are pushed out of school each year long before they reach 18........